About the Medora Group

The Medora Group, Inc. (TMG) provides consulting services around every aspect of the software realization process. TMG believes that elegance and excellence should permeate every facet of every project and that well-written software can—and should—be a work of art.


Every TMG engagement is overseen by Tim Medora. Tim has designed and built successful solutions for a wide range of vertical industries including construction, aviation, insurance, healthcare, education, government and entertainment.

Tim co-founded Net Fusion Services in 2002 and served as a senior executive for nearly a decade. This executive experience sets Tim apart from most engineers; it allows him to fluently discuss technology as it pertains to business, and to understand the financial impact of technical decisions. Tim further differentiates himself with a focus on user interface and experience and is adamant that all software engineers should have a working knowledge of visual design and usability best practices.

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Principles and Values

The Medora Group espouses quality over quantity and believes that one or two talented engineers can accomplish almost anything. Success is not achieved by finding a team who can generate the largest amount of code for the lowest dollar figure; TMG proves that a pragmatic, disciplined approach brings projects to completion and ensures their quality.

TMG embraces standards, open source initiatives, and supports free collaboration. TMG also believes that the owners of unique intellectual property have every right to build closed source applications.

TMG is a for-profit business that exists to generate revenue. The only sustainable path to revenue generation is outstanding quality and complete customer satisfaction. TMG is proud to have in its client roster both non-profit and civic-minded organizations.