Retaining The Medora Group

The Medora Group (TMG) carefully evaluates each potential engagement on the basis of overall goals, the skills required, financial expectations of both parties, and availability. TMG will not commit to an engagement unless both parties have a substantiated opinion that the relationship will be successful.

Engagement Structure

Initial consultations to evaluate the viability of a project are conducted free of charge; performing such consultation is at the sole discretion of TMG.

TMG can be retained on a project basis, hourly basis, or with a recurring structure. Minimum retainer is $25000 US; hourly rates vary based on services provided and the resources required.

Concepts and Startups

TMG evaluates investment opportunities in which services may be exchanged for equity in a promising venture. Such opportunities are rigorously vetted prior to engagement.

Service Overview

Software Realization

  • Business Planning
  • Software Application Architecture
  • User Experience and Aesthetic Design
  • Database Architecture and Implementation
  • Software Development
  • Quality Achievement
  • Production Environment Design and Implementation

Ad hoc Services

  • Business Strategy and Planning
  • Facilitation - Bringing Complimentary Parties Together
  • Mobile Strategy and Design
  • Specialty Photography and Digital Art
  • Maintenance of Custom and 3rd Party Software Systems